Below, is a list of some of the insurance companies we represent.  If you need to contact them, make a payment, need customer support, or something else, please use their information listed. If you don’t see your carrier listed here, please reach out to us. Contact Us or call 801-505-9945.

Carrier Name Service Information Billing Information Claims Information
AAA AAA Visit Website
Accuity Insurance Accuity Insurance
Phone: 800-242-7666 ext 5522
Phone: 800-242-7666 ext 5511
Phone: 800-242-7666
Accuity Payments Visit Website
Aetna Aetna Visit Website
Phone: 800-872-3862
Phone: 800-872-3862
Aflac Aflac
Phone: 800-992-3522
Phone: 800-992-3522
Phone: 877-638-4244
Visit Website
AIG Agency Auto AIG Agency Auto Visit Website
AIG American General AIG American General Visit Website
Allstate Allstate
Phone: 1-800-255-7828
Visit Website
Phone: 800-901-1732
Phone: 1-800-255-7828
America First Insurance America First Insurance Visit Website
American General Life Insurance American General Life Insurance
American Modern American Modern
Phone: 866-880-8651
Phone: 1-800-543-2644
Phone: 800-375-2075
Ameritas Acacia Companies Ameritas Acacia Companies Visit Website
AmTrust North America AmTrust North America
AmWINS Group Inc. AmWINS Group Inc.
Phone: 704-749-2700
Anthem Anthem Visit Website
Applied Underwriters Applied Underwriters Visit Website
ASI ASI Visit Website
Phone: 1-866-274-5677
Assurant Flood Visit Website
Phone: 800-423-4403
Phone: 800-423-4403
Assurant Health Assurant Health Visit Website
Atlantic Mutual Atlantic Mutual Visit Website
Attune Attune Visit Website
Austin Mutual Insurance Co Austin Mutual Insurance Co Visit Website
Auto Owners Insurance Auto Owners Insurance Visit Website
Phone: 800-346-0346
Phone: 888-252-4626
Bankers Insurance Group Bankers Insurance Group Visit Website
Phone: 800-627-0000
Phone: 800-765-9700
BiBerk BiBerk
Phone: 844-472-0967
Visit Website
Phone: 844-472-0967
Phone: 877-234-4401
BlueCross Blueshield BlueCross Blueshield Visit Website
Bristol West Insurance Group Bristol West Insurance Group Visit Website
Phone: 888-888-0080
Phone: 800-274-7865
Phone: 877-649-6682
Burns & Wilcox Ltd Burns & Wilcox Ltd Visit Website
Phone: 813-746-3709
Capitol Insurance Company Capitol Insurance Company Visit Website
Central Insurance Companies Central Insurance Companies Visit Website
Chubb Chubb Visit Website
Phone: 800-252-4670
Capital Insurance Group Capital Insurance Group Visit Website
CIGNA CIGNA Visit Website
Clearcover Clearcover
Phone: 855-444-1875,
Visit Website
CNA CNA Visit Website
Phone: 877-672-6115
CNA Surety CNA Surety
Phone: 800-331-6053
Visit Website
Phone: 877-672-6115
Colorado Casualty Colorado Casualty Visit Website
Coterie Coterie
Phone: 1-855-566-1011
Phone: 1-855-680-2440
Coventry Health Care Coventry Health Care Visit Website
Crum & Forster Crum & Forster
Phone: 973-490-6600
Visit Website
Phone: 844-217-7388
Phone: 800-690-5520
CSE Insurance Group CSE Insurance Group
Phone: 800-282-6848
Phone: ATM/debit card or checking: 800-780-9719, Credit cards: 877-671-0363
Phone: 800-282-6848
Cypress Insurance Group Cypress Insurance Group Visit Website
Dairyland Dairyland Visit Website
Dairyland Auto Visit Website
Phone: 800-334-0090
Phone: 800-334-0090
Dairyland/Sentry Visit Website
Phone: 800-473-6879
Delta Dental Delta Dental Visit Website
EMC Insurance Companies EMC Insurance Companies
Phone: 800-447-2295
Visit Website
Phone: 515-280-2511 or 800-447-2295
Phone: 888-362-2255
Employers Employers
Phone: 888-682-6671
Phone: 800-232-3085
Employers Insurance Group Employers Insurance Group Visit Website
Encompass Insurance Encompass Insurance Visit Website
Farmers Insurance Farmers Insurance Visit Website
Farmers Alliance Farmers Alliance Visit Website
Farmers Home Group Farmers Home Group Visit Website
Federal Life Federal Life
Phone: 800-233-3750
Fidelity & Guarantee Fidelity & Guarantee Visit Website
Fidelity Fire Casualty Fidelity Fire Casualty Visit Website
First American Insurance Corporation First American Insurance Corporation Visit Website
Foremost Foremost
Phone: 800-527-3905
Visit Website
Phone: 888-888-0080
Phone: 800-274-7865
Freedon General Freedon General Visit Website
Gainsco Gainsco Visit Website
Phone: 866-GAINSCO
Phone: 866-424-6726
Genworth Genworth Visit Website
Germantown Mutual Insurance Company Germantown Mutual Insurance Company Visit Website
Golden Rule Golden Rule Visit Website
Grange Insurance Grange Insurance Visit Website
Great American Insurance Group Great American Insurance Group
Phone: 800-221-7274
Visit Website
Phone: Please contact our office for assistance in reporting a claim.
Guard Insurance Group Guard Insurance Group
Phone: 800-673-2465
Phone: 800-673-2465
Phone: 888-639-2567
GuideOne Insurance GuideOne Insurance Visit Website
Hagerty Hagerty Visit Website
Phone: 888-220-9565 (Cars) or 800-762-2628 (Boats)
Phone: 800-385-0274 (Cars) or 800-762-2628 (Boats)
Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Visit Website
Hartford Flood Visit Website
Phone: 800-303-5663
Phone: 800-787-5677
Hippo Hippo
Phone: 800-585-0705
Phone: 855-999-9746
Hiscox Hiscox
Phone: 800-591-9391
Phone: 866-424-8508
Humana Humana Visit Website
Humana One Humana One Visit Website
International Medical Group International Medical Group Visit Website
ING ING Visit Website
Integrity Insurance Integrity Insurance Visit Website
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co Visit Website
John Hancock John Hancock Visit Website
Kemper Kemper Visit Website
Phone: 877-252-7878
Phone: 800-353-6737
Lemonade Lemonade Visit Website
Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual
Phone: 888-398-8924
Phone: 866-290-2920
Phone: 800-225-2467
Lloyd's Lloyd's Visit Website
Markel Markel
Phone: 800-362-7535
Mercury Insurance Mercury Insurance
Phone: 888-708-1858
Phone: 800-503-3724
MetLife MetLife
Phone: 800-MET-LIFE (800-638-5433)
Visit Website
Phone: 800-680-3354
Phone: 800-854-6011
Midwest General Agency Midwest General Agency Visit Website
National General National General
Phone: 888-293-5108
Phone: 888-325-1190
National Indemnity Company National Indemnity Company Visit Website
Nationwide Insurance Nationwide Insurance
Phone: 877-669-6877
Phone: 877-669-6877
Phone: 800-421-3535
Neptune Flood Visit Website
Phone: 727-202-4815
Phone: 727-202-4815
North American Company North American Company Visit Website
Ohio Casualty Group Ohio Casualty Group Visit Website
One Beacon Insurance One Beacon Insurance Visit Website
Openly Openly
Phone: 1-888-808-4842
Orchid Insurance Visit Website
Phone: 866-370-6505
Phone: 866-370-6505
Pacific Life Pacific Life Visit Website
Palomar Specialty Palomar Specialty
Phone: 619-567-5290
Peerless Insurance Peerless Insurance Visit Website
Pekin Insurance Pekin Insurance Visit Website
Penn National Insurance Penn National Insurance Visit Website
Peoples Trust Insurance Visit Website
Phone: 561-609-1000
Phone: 561-609-1002
Philadelphia Insurance Company Philadelphia Insurance Company
Phone: 877-438-7459
Visit Website
Phone: 866-608-5898
Phone: 1-800-765-9749, ext 3
Pie Insurance Pie Insurance
Phone: 855-705-2716
Visit Website
Phone: 844-581-0828
Premium Funding Specialists Visit Website
Progressive Progressive
Phone: 800-776-4737
Visit Website
Phone: 888-671-4405
Phone: 888-671-4405
Protective Life Insurance Protective Life Insurance Visit Website
Phone: 800-331-4929
Rockwood Member Argonaut Group Rockwood Member Argonaut Group Visit Website
RPS - Risk Placement Services Inc. RPS - Risk Placement Services Inc. Visit Website
Phone: 816-949-2020
Phone: 844-777-8323
RT Specialty RT Specialty Visit Website
Safeco Safeco
Phone: 800-332-3226
Phone: 1-888-723-3260
Phone: 800-332-3226
Selective Insurance Company Selective Insurance Company Visit Website
Phone: 800-735-3284
Phone: 877-348-0552
Spinnaker Visit Website
Phone: 888-221-7742
Phone: 888-221-7742
State Auto Insurance Companies State Auto Insurance Companies Visit Website
Stillwater Stillwater
Phone: 855-712-4092
Phone: 800-220-1351
Sun Coast General Insurance Sun Coast General Insurance Visit Website
Tapco Tapco Visit Website
Phone: 800-334-5579
Phone: 800-334-5579
The Hanover Insurance Group The Hanover Insurance Group Visit Website
The Harford Mutual The Harford Mutual Visit Website
The Hartford The Hartford
Phone: 860-547-5000
Phone: 860-547-5000
Phone: 1-800-243-5860
Thimble Thimble
Transamerica Transamerica Visit Website
Travelers Travelers Visit Website
Phone: 800-252-2268
Phone: 800-238-6225
United American Insurance Company United American Insurance Company Visit Website
United Healthcare United Healthcare Visit Website
United Property & Casualty Insurance United Property & Casualty Insurance Visit Website
Unitrin Kemper Unitrin Kemper Visit Website
Unitrin Specialty Unitrin Specialty Visit Website
Universal Property & Casualty Co Universal Property & Casualty Co Visit Website
Phone: 800-425-9113
Phone: 800-470-0599
US Assure Visit Website
Phone: 855-872-7787
Phone: 800-987-3373
United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI) United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI)
Phone: 888-523-5545
Visit Website
Phone: 866-632-2003
Phone: 866-712-6232
Utica First Insurance Company Utica First Insurance Company Visit Website
Utica National Insurance Group Utica National Insurance Group Visit Website
Velocity Risk Visit Website
Phone: 844-878-7529
Phone: 844-878-2567
Victoria Insurance Victoria Insurance Visit Website
Viking Insurance Visit Website
WCF WCF Visit Website
West Coast Life West Coast Life Visit Website
Western General Western General Visit Website
Zurich Zurich Visit Website